Executive coaching. Are you ready to make a difference?

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If we just keep doing what we have always done before, then what is the point?

What are the most common “symptoms” related to executive coaching we observe among our clients?

  1. “My team is not motivated enough”
  2. “They don’t have much ownership, they run with all small things to me”
  3. “Even though I work longer and harder, putting more energy into my job, results are not coming”

In the world where everyone has a strong desire for quick delivery, efficiency, and alignment, you surely realized, that most of us tend to operate on an autopilot mode much of the time. As a result, we take shortcuts rather than taking a hard look at our own capabilities and getting off automatic to become more intentional, have a clear focus, and make great decisions.

Where does this autopilot take us?

It takes us to quick progress, and it requires less energy as we believe we can leverage our past experiences. But for those who want to be able to adapt to new situations, new type of challenges, colleagues, circumstances, simply building on past experiences is not enough. This is where coaching can be a life-changing experience.

What’s more, coaching can be the most effective way for leaders and managers to understand:

  • where did this autopilot took me?
  • what are the limitations?
  • am I ok to carry on like this?
  • what are the adjustments I want to make or not?

So, who is a coach?

A coach is neither a trainer, nor a consultant, nor a mentor. Even though we sometimes cross into the domains of these other professions, we accomplish the best results when we leverage what coaching can bring to us.

Unlike a therapist, a business coach always focuses on presence and future, defining current business and personal circumstances. Coach is a thinking partner who works for you and with you to help you reach the best vision of yourself.

The vital components that the coach brings are, firstly, depths of what you think is meaningful, secondly, the resources and tools to reach your objectives, and finally, motivation and relentless accountability for what you want to accomplish. Therefore coaching encourages a ‘forced focus’ on what is most important versus the constant distraction of the urgent.

What really happens in our executive coaching?

Our executive coaching is a unique tailor-made leadership development process, where a professional coach works one-on-one with you on your goals, your personal strengths, and other development areas. Together we create a strong trusting partnership that enables you to unleash your potential, improve and sustain effective performance.

The essence of coaching is raising awareness on different ways of thinking and different ways of approaching the challenges an individual might face.

“During our 4-month coaching process with Peter, he helped me to see things clearly by giving accurate and honest feedback in a very empathetical way. We were able to flexibly mix coaching and mentoring tools. He brought a lot of professional experience and knowledge into the process, and I was always very much looking forward to our conversations. During these months I gained a lot of powerful help and other perspectives on things that I felt were problematic or incomplete. I learned a lot from Peter, and I will be happy to continue talking to him in the future!”

György, Chief Information Officer

The positive power of coaching is that you are developing through a self-discovery journey, and we can make sure the new behaviour is sustainable (even after the coaching process is completed). The change in your own beliefs becomes the ultimate success criteria. All this is possible when both of the parties are working on common objectives. Because every coaching process is a co-creation. The coach alone cannot make the coaching successful. Neither can the coachee.

Who is executive coaching for? 

Passionate leaders in any industry and company size, from C-Suite executives to team managers who can benefit from the focused self-development. Executive coaching proves to be impactful both for the leader being coached and to their organization.

It makes a real difference for a leader when:

  • managing change, stress, crisis or conflict
  • preparing for a new or different role, accelerating personal development
  • retaining, motivating, and rewarding key staff
  • facing dilemmas and need help to make choices
  • building a team with high ownership and motivation

Hiring a coach won’t make a real difference unless you are ready to do things differently! Are you? If the answer is yes, contact us.