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What's wrong with traditional training?

“The trouble with traditional training is that participants rarely apply in real life what they have learned.” – we heard it from a business leader.
“Working with you is different.” – he continued. – “Our people not only keep talking about but also use what we learned even months later!”

We bring the best-in-class programs on leadership skills, time management, assertive communication or team management just to name a few. We also engage with your colleagues in way that they apply their learnings immediately to their daily work.

  • Strategic Leadership Skills
  • Team Management Skills
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Individual Skills

Some of our specialities

We have some capabilities that are unique and acquiring them can create competitive advantage to you.

Process Communication Model

The Process Communication Modell® (PCM) is the best tool for practical growing your people’s Emotional Intelligence. It helps people to connect productively with customers, managers, peers even in stressful situation. It allows them to understand their own as well as other’s stress behaviours and provides practical ways to get out of unproductive stress.

Leveraged by NASA, Pixar, Bayer, HP just to name some of the clients of PCM.

Motivational Maps

Used by hundreds of thousands of people around the world, Motivational Maps assist leaders to know the motivational factors of their people, how can they impact positively their motivation and improve the overall performance of the whole organisation. It creates a foundational management skill for many companies.

Influencing Skills

During our Positive Power and Influence® Program, you’ll be challenged to explore your own behaviour. You will recognize patterns that are not effective and develop effective influencing skills sustainably. During the days of the training course, you’ll experiment with new behaviour and will receive an abundance of personal feedback. All to quickly own your newly learned behaviour and start making positive influence on others.

Reason to believe

Our Skill Development Programs are a unique combination of the following components

We understand


We always start with listening to your needs, your expected positive impact.



You get the best training courses that we know work.



Together with you we tailor the training to match your unique needs.



Our training courses allow your people to practice and go for immediate application of what they have learned.

Combined with


To enable people to apply what they learned they need follow-up: help for application in real live. It’s part of our offer.

Supported by


In some cases people have personal or team barriers that can be eliminated by coaching. We bring the best coaches for that!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Give me the list of trainings you provide.

    Please note that we always customise our programs to your needs. However, for your inspiration here is the list of our most popular training courses.

    Individual skills: Time Management and Energy Management, Effective Workload Management with Outlook, Project Management, Powerful Presentations, Stress Management, How to avoid burnouts?, Effective Business Writing, Effective Email Communication

    Interpersonal Skills: Assertive Communication, Emotional Intelligence

    Leadership skills and Team Management skills: Effective Delegation, Keeping Your People Accountable, Situational Leadership, Change Management, Motivation Management, Stress management

    Strategic Leadership: Mission, Vision and Strategy Creation, Visionary Presentations

Free consultation

Yes, we would be happy to hear about your challenges and consult on how to solve them.

    Skill development resources

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