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Transaction Analysis: Controlling and Nurturing Parent

According to our experiences, many leaders learned leadership behaviors in the realm of „carrot and stick”. If their subordinates do something well they say: „well done” or „Great job” and if they catch them doing something they do not like, they bring the „stick” – „don’t you ever do this again, or else!” These methods […]


Leadership and Executive presence – Roles of a Manager

Have you ever been in a meeting, where everyone’s eyes were just glued to one of the participants, who would increase the engagement of the people in the room? That’s the power of executive presence, which is often forgotten when talking about leadership. What is executive presence? Executive presence and leadership competencies are two related […]


The top 5 considerations before you introduce OGSM to your organisation

In the past two years, particularly around the time when the Covid impact started to decrease, I have met several senior leaders facing a similar dilemma:  “How can I realign my scattered organisation using some systematic strategy execution framework?” During our first discussions, we started the same themes emerging that I summarised below. Since our company, […]


Christmas Charity and Donations

As the holidays are approaching many small and large firms are setting up some Christmas charity programs. Is it irrelevant, what kind of charity cause they choose? Is it just something nice to have? Actually, a randomly chosen charity program or donation can be even counterproductive for employee motivation or the corporate image. So, we have […]


What is feedback?

There are a lot of misconceptions and misinterpretations about feedback. Let’s have some clarity on this topic! Feedback is a tool to improve people’s performance. Proper feedback describes the consequences of certain actions done by our colleagues. There is no positive or negative intention, it is only implied if these results were beneficiary or not: […]


How does sudden growth impact leadership?

All leaders want to stay true to their active role in their business while handling all other problems. But is this feasible in the long term, and how does leadership change due to fast growth? An imaginary client has her own carpenter business. The unique and good quality product attracted many customers, soon 4 carpenters […]


False sense of trust – are your employees honest?

Many of our clients thrive for a conflict-free workplace, especially if their company started as a friendship, or family driven business. They might wonder: “What would be wrong with maintaining a work environment where confrontation is rare, and stress is seemingly nonexistent?” When looking at teams, we often see people speaking differently on the office […]


Executive coaching. Are you ready to make a difference?

Reading time: 4 mins If we just keep doing what we have always done before, then what is the point? What are the most common “symptoms” related to executive coaching we observe among our clients? “My team is not motivated enough” “They don’t have much ownership, they run with all small things to me” “Even […]


Actually, We Have a Nice Corporate Strategy. Except Nobody is Living It.

S01-E01 Reading time: 3 mins   What typically happens Companies love writing strategies. It’s fun to create a corporate strategy, stepping away for couple of hours from the daily operation to think big and then thrilling to present the resulted document to the board members. But when it comes to execution, many leaders do not […]

strategy fails

Why Corporate Strategy Breaks Down

Strategy execution. That wonderful, elusive thing leaders around the world covet. What a dream to develop a corporate strategy, institute it with discipline and clear communication and watch our teams adapt, allocate resources, track progress and deliver results. Unfortunately, only 33% of leaders reach this organizational nirvana, with the latest estimate that 67% of strategies fail […]


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