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Anticipating And Managing Change

Organizations need to develop the ability to anticipate change and embrace adjustments for competitive advantage and continual improvement “on the fly”.


Executive Coaching & Leadership Support For Change

Especially during times of stress and change, it is important for leaders to be in touch first with themselves, and then with their teams and employees throughout the organization. Coaches can help leaders become more effective in tough times, and can also help them become better coaches themselves.


Courage or consideration?

We had an interesting discussion with one of our clients about the barriers to establish real win-win relationships. What is “thinking win-win”? Thinking “win-win” means that I consider other people’s win equally important as mine. In fact thinking win-win also means I actively work on creating win for others, not only for myself. In order to establish […]


No success without these three steps

We are regularly asked about success. Some of the most frequent questions are like this: “Who doesn’t want to be successful? Can everybody be successful?” “Successful people are usually measured by money. Are other measures of success?” At onTarget we believe that in order to be successful one needs to do three, equally important things: […]


The other end of the room

Couple of days ago I received an email from a recent client. We finished our coaching process couple of months ago. “…you remember when we did the exercise when one end of the room was my life at the time of the coaching and the other end was represented what I desire for myself. Well […]


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