No success without these three steps

We are regularly asked about success. Some of the most frequent questions are like this:
“Who doesn’t want to be successful? Can everybody be successful?”
“Successful people are usually measured by money. Are other measures of success?”

At onTarget we believe that in order to be successful one needs to do three, equally important things:

1. Set a goal.
Set a goal that is important to you, that is attractive and have a chance to ahieve too. It’s important to set the goal to be specific, preferably measurable. For example: instead of saying “I will run more in the spring” say “in April and in May I will run at least 10km in every week”.

2. Achieve the set goal.
Well, this might be obvious: only if you reach your goal can be seen as success. To decide if you achieved your goal though, the specific goal setting aboe will help you a lot. Also, make a plan to achieve the goal. In the above example: how many times a week, what days will you run? In the morning or in the evening? Worth to block specific blocks of time for this running in your calendar.

3. Celebrate achieving your goal.
Celebrating reaching a goal is something we tend to forget: we assume that achieving the goal was enough. Give yourself quality time and attention to have the sense of success. Harvest the fruits of your effort in a way that is meaningful, memorable and motivational for you.

Let’s take a look at how does this work in the context of a team, when you are the leader?
Our experience at onTarget shows that our clients do not see their teams being successful. In fact, many of the team members share this sense and they can easily lose their motivation. The three steps above are true for teams but there are some small differences that are important for a team success.

1. Involve your team members in goal setting.
Your team members will see the goal as theirs if you involve them in setting the goal. The principle here is: no involvement – no commitment!

2. Make your team members accountable for their contribution to achieve the goal.
When the goal setting is a the result of the work of the team then make it clear each every person’s contribution to reaching the goal. This is true for a team of 5 people, multiple hundreds or even thousands.

3. Celebrate achieving the goal together.
Celebration here is even more important than for individual goals. Without it your team will lose direction and motivation.

At on Target we work on these topics regulary during consulting or coaching where we provide specific methods and tools to contribute to our clients’ success.
If you are interested in achieving individual or team success and how can you bring this to life, please contact us here.