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What can you expect from us?

Positive business impact.

This is our ultimate success measure.
It’s in the center of our mindset and
in the focus of our expertise areas below.

Strategy and Execution

Our strategic workshops will help your organization to be clear on what you want to achieve and will move towards the same direction, achieving the desired business results together.


Skill Development

From Time Management and Collaboration skills to Leadership development: with our training courses step change your ability to reach your goals.


Organization Development

Developing a winning company culture, setting up the right organization with the right leadership behaviours: we boost your team’s capability to deliver outstanding business results, day after day.


Problems we meet the most

  • We face big changes

    Change management can be tough. Results can drop, people can get confused, losing focus on what’s truly important. We approach this issue in a holistic manner: from securing bottom line results and strategic alignment, to individual motivation, stress management, communication skills and organization readiness just to name a few of our best practices. We always tailor it to your specific needs.

  • Our leadership team is not aligned about our business goals

    In a high number of situations we learn that even a leadership team is not clear or aligned on what and how they want to achieve. The result: functional or departmental silos, action plans that work against each other. We fix this with our Strategy Development-, Deployment- and Execution methodology that brings the best-in-class business planning processes to your company.

  • Our people do not understand where we are heading

    In many cases people do not understand the direction set by the leadership team. They do not know the goals they expected to reach or what their contribution should be to achieve those goals. The result is a highly fragmented organisation where reaching the goals is a sometimes a question of luck. Interestingly, strategic planning done right will cascade the company strategy to all of your people. We consult on how.

  • My people are acting so inconsistently... how can I trust them?

    Many leaders want an organisation that has the ability to act in a consistent way, but they just don’t… This can lead to micro-management and the feeling that if you as a leader are not there, nothing would work at your company. We helped many of our clients to turn this around and we are glad to help you too.

  • It’s difficult to handle diverse personalities

    While many leaders see diversity as a potential competitive advantage, it’s not always clear how to turn challenge coming from differences into better business results. Our Diversity Maximiser methodology is proven in various industries and situations: it creates a consistent, winning corporate culture that is difficult to copy and so creates a competitive advantage for you.

  • We are doing our daily jobs but we are lacking breakthrough results

    Just doing our daily job right does not always guarantee results. What we give you here is the strategic business planning process that focus of the most important goals and drives alignment not only on goals but also on the strategy and how we execute that strategy.

  • How can I motivate my people?

    Many of our clients are unclear about what motivates their people and in many cases they fall back to the “easiest”, yet most difficult to manage motivator: money. This can become a trap where there’s no other topic with people, only their compensation. We show you a way out from there, where your people will focus on short and long terms mutual wins, working in a supporting business culture.

  • Our departments do not support each other

    Working is silos is a major issue at many companies. We hear examples like: “What IT does have nothing to do with what Sales needs!” Sometimes your departments’ action plans are not in line, in many cases they are not even known. We bring our strategic planning methodology that synchronises departmental strategies.

What makes onTarget's approach unique?

We want you to have Sustainable High Performance. 

To achieve our approach takes a holistic view positively impacting all of the 4 components below that determines your corporate success.

Where do you want to start?

High Performance


The organization is aligned on WHY does it exists, know WHERE they want to be in couple of years and all stand behind on HOW to get there. Then this strategic business plan is cascaded down to all levels of the organisation, driving consistent daily work and get the results.

Business Processes

This is the backbone of your “business as usual”. Your processes are effective and efficient to deliver outstanding results every day. They are also renewed regularly to be the best-in-class in your industry and create competitive edge for you.

Corporate Culture

Your corporate culture is reflected in how your leaders are role modelling winning behaviour and is a distinctive factor for your team’s performance and a reason why the best people work with you.


Your individual and team capabilities are developed with focus on desired business impact and it also includes on-going support and adaption. We know how.

How we work?

The best way to get the results you want faster and make them sustainable.


We learn about each other and see if there’s any potential value in working together.


Together we clarify what are the desired end-results and identify the current barriers to get them.


Working with you we develop a Program that will bring the results identified before.


We agree on timeline, investment needed and sign our contract. Up to this step all work with us is usually free of charge.


We execute the Program in collaboration with you. Usually we start seeing the initial results already.


We make sure that you stay onTarget to reach the desired business impact. We regularly review the results with you and make adjustments or follow-up if needed.

Some of our Clients

We are proud to work together with the following businesses.

I had the chance to work with Peter as my coach and based on my experience he was really able to bring the best out of me. He is a positive person by nature with a professional and encouraging, human approach at the same time. His previous experience in multinational companies and relaxed style helps him driving coachees’ attention on important aspects of the big picture and enables them to find their own smart solutions. I can highly recommend him as a coach.
Zsófia Komássy Recruitment Manager @ Vodafone VSSB
Here are few reasons why it was great to work with Peter: - He was a great help during a very challenging period on my early leadership journey - He is knowledgeable and helped with a wide variety of different coaching tools. - It was great to have a coach who has IT background so we could speak the ‘same language’ and he had lot of experience on the same field. - Peter expertise in English was also a huge advantage when we could practice certain conversations in English – was easier to recall during real life situation.
Melinda Radványi Chemical Integration Supervisor, ExxonMobil Business Support Center
Peter set up an accurate diagnosis and prepare an action plan. He explained the concepts of "mission", "core values" and "vision" in practical and meaningful terms, which provided a clear framework and still guides us in our daily work. I received useful leadership models and tools, such as the strategic plan, simple financial planning or a new colleague's selection.
Ágnes Csertő Head of Aranykapu Children's House

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