The other end of the room

Couple of days ago I received an email from a recent client. We finished our coaching process couple of months ago.

“…you remember when we did the exercise when one end of the room was my life at the time of the coaching and the other end was represented what I desire for myself. Well I’m glad to say I’m in the other end of the room! 🙂 I still need to fine-tune things, but I’m in the right direction and I want to thank you for that!
(…) I’m trying to understand why am I doing what I’m doing and what’s happenning in me in different situations. If I feel something strange, I ask myself: alright, so what’s the actual reason here, why do I feel the way I do? I do not always have the answer but at least this thinking stops me from following the “usual” route, getting into games, etc.”

We were standing months ago in one end of the room and we talked about where is he now. What colors, moods, feelings are associated with the present? Then we slowly walked over to the other end of the room together and we “looked around”. Who and what does he see around him? What does he like about this “place”? How is it different from where we came from? Finally we talked about what do those steps we made together mean? What steps he would like to make to get to “the other side of the room”? What are the first steps? What “side steps” to avoid? What help he can count on during the journey?

This is an example of what coaching can be: it can enable us to unleash our potential by helping us realize where do we want to get to and gets us started the journey!

If you see it useful to have such a work with us, contact us here!